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I've been refactoring phablet-flash a bit, well more than a bit...

The major change from a user interface perspective is that, as the tool was losing it's simplicity, maintaining it with a big options list had become a pain, so welcome the positional arguments where each of these arguments is a provisioning type.

With a comment from Ricardo I have decided to brand this 1.0. We will see if we create a vUDS session to discuss any future plans for this tool (and the other ones in phablet-tools).

The provisioning types

The easiest thing to do here is to just list the help contents, but in summary it would be:

Provisions the device with a CDimage build of Ubuntu Touch.
Provisions the device with legacy unflipped images. These images really shouldn't be used anymore, but it's a good time machine.
Provisions the device with an Ubuntu Image Based Upgrade image. If you still don't know what this is, refer to Stephane's blog post or the wiki describing it.
Provisions the device with a community supported build. Community based images as described by Daniel on his blog. In a nutshell, each porter provides a manifest of where their ports are located and the are provisioned to the target devices, this currently only works with recovery images that support extendedcommands. Support for openrecoverscript is one of the close targets.

It should be easy to add more, the upcomming ones I have in mind are adhoc and android-factory, or even just cm (for cyanogenmod)

The extra parameters the cdimage ones support are --device-path and --ubuntu-path where you can override the defaults with whatever you are experimenting with.

New habits

If in previous versions of phablet-flash you ran:

  • phablet-flash now run phablet-flash cdimage-touch
  • phablet-flash --pending now run phablet-flash cdimage-touch --pending
  • phablet-flash --legacy now run phablet-flash cdimage-legacy, and use the other legacy options appended here, i.e.; --list-revisions, --latest, --list-revisions and so on.
  • phablet-flash --ubuntu-bootstrap now run phablet-flash ubuntu-system with options of --revision being a relative revision or a specific version.

Final comments

So if you get a 1.0 version in an update soon, this means you have this.

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