Initial Ubuntu Touch Raring build

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So I'm back on track after some holiday time, good news is that I just spun out a raring build and have an update zip which I deployed on my phone.

A quick one:

$ adb shell cat /data/ubuntu/etc/issue
Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (development branch) \n \l

Why now?

We were originally running Quantal, we still are for practical purposes, and have been doing so since we were in feature implementation and many packages had overridden functionality. Now that the crunch time is over and trying to be the least invasive as one can be the move to Raring started.

It follows this blueprint and with some road bumps and conflicting schedules it is finally taking form. The idea behind all this is to smooth the transition to S.

What happened?

You may have noticed that the ppa:phablet-team is now full of packages built for Raring. Jenkins has been updated to do parallel builds for Quantal and Raring for those non conflicting packages and is pushing them into the PPA.

In the future we plan to move on to cdimage for building what we today do on offspring. That will happen as soon as we are on S for that will be the time when all these packages start to land into the archive and we start working on integrating our overridden packages.

I have a pending post on documenting the builds that's coming soon.

What's working and what's missing?

So there's a long list of things that are still pending and we probably won't switch to this until we get the parity as it is on Quantal, some things are plain broken and others are just missing.

It's in pretty good shape to be build #1!

My test subject today was maguro.

So from a quick glance, this works:

  • The shell in general (I was expecting a blank screen to be honest, this is build #1 after all).
  • Camera.
  • Gallery.
  • Browser.
  • Phone (not entirely, keep on reading).
  • Apps Lens.
  • Videos Lens.
  • Music Lens.
  • hud (did not try voice)
  • osk.
  • Messaging Indicator.
  • Sound Indicator.
  • Battery Indicator.

This doesn't work:

  • Home Lens.
  • Contacts Lens.
  • Media Player
  • Notes (probably because I'm missing a fix on a sidestage apps from the shell).
  • ofono (it's not packaged yet)
  • networking
  • Network Indicator.

Can I play too?

Yes you can, this build should probably work on all devices, the update zip can be grabbed from my UbuntuOne link, to install you can quickly run:

wget -O
adb push /sdcard/
adb reboot recovery

Provided that you have the recovery image with the ubuntu logo on it, it should just start, if not go through the menus and deploy it.

What comes next?

Here's a small TODO list:

  • Parity with Quantal builds is a first.
  • Provide update zip continuously on jenkins (which cdimage will pull from).
  • Work on the broken.
  • Work on the missing.

Once those are done:

  • Switch default to raring in phablet-flash.
  • Kill the Quantal builds.
  • Work on S.
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